Do-It-Yourself Fundraisers

Thank you for considering Fox Valley Hands of Hope as a beneficiary of your next fundraiser! FVHH welcomes individuals, businesses and community organizations that wish to sponsor fundraising events to benefit our organization. These “DIY” Fundraisers help extend our client programs and raise awareness for our mission. Community involvement reaches far beyond what we can do alone!

Please fill out our DIY Event Proposal Form and submit it to our Director of Development for review before any work on the event begins. We suggest you submit the DIY Event Proposal Form at least three months prior to your planned event date.

FVHH has developed helpful guidelines to assist you when planning your fundraising event. FVHH is a nonprofit organization and, as such, our resources are limited; however, we will strive to support you and your event/activity as much as possible!


  1. The sponsoring Individual or Organization (“Organizer”) must submit a completed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Event Proposal to the Director of Development at Fox Valley Hands of Hope (“FVHH”) preferably 90 days in advance of the planned event/activity date.
  2. FVHH must approve all events or activities related to FVHH fundraising by Organizer.
  3. If there is more than one beneficiary for the event, then all beneficiaries must be clearly listed on the DIY Event Proposal. In addition, Organizer agrees that all event advertising, promotional and/or print materials must openly state the percentage of the proceeds that will benefit FVHH.
  4. Organizer will provide event proceeds and an itemized list of revenue and expenses to FVHH within 30 days after the event/activity concludes. Checks should be made payable to Fox Valley Hands of Hope.
  5. If donations are deposited to a separate account (for example, checks are made payable to the Organizer) and are subsequently donated in a single sum to FVHH, Organizer is advised that only the individual or organization whose name appears on the check will receive tax benefits for that donation. Donors contributing in this circumstance should be made aware by the Organizer that their gift would not be acknowledged by FVHH as a tax-deductible donation.
  6. Organizer must obtain all necessary permits and insurance related to the event/activity – local, state and federal – and event must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Logo: FVHH will provide permission for use of FVHH logo upon approval of Proposal. Organizer agrees to adhere to FVHH logo use guidelines.
  8. Organizer acknowledges that FVHH will not provide public relations support, FVHH staff/employee support, seed money or other financial support, or access to any FVHH mail or email lists, including but not limited to donors, clients, social service agencies, staff and vendors.
  9. Organizer is responsible for covering all financial expenses related to the event and acknowledges that it will not be eligible for any expense reimbursement by FVHH.
  10. FVHH must review and approve all promotional materials related to the event, including but not limited to use of FVHH logo/name, advertising, letters, emails, brochures, flyers and press releases, prior to production and distribution.
  11. Organizer agrees to identify “Fox Valley Hands of Hope” by its full name in all materials related to the event or activity.
  12. Fox Valley Hands of Hope must be identified ONLY as the event beneficiary. For example:
    a. Correct: “Walk-A-Thon to benefit Fox Valley Hands of Hope”
    b. Incorrect: “Fox Valley Hands of Hope Walk-A-Thon”
  13. As only the beneficiary of the event/activity, FVHH assumes no liability for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to the event/activity.
  14. All potential donors or vendors must be clearly informed that the event or activity is a third-party event to benefit Fox Valley Hands of Hope. In no way should the event or activity be identified as a Fox Valley Hands of Hope event when soliciting sponsorships and/or donations.
  15. FVHH will make every effort to have a member of FVHH staff or a qualified representative attend your fundraising event or activity. Attendance of FVHH staff and/or representative is based on availability and will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Fox Valley Hands of Hope will provide:

  • Advice/suggestions for the event Organizer on volunteers, activities, fundraising, public relations and marketing.
  • Information on FVHH and its services for distribution at the event or for public relations efforts conducted by the Organizer or Sponsor.
  • Promotion of the approved event or activity on the FVHH website and FVHH social media channels.
  • Upon proposal approval, the Fox Valley Hands of Hope logo to the Organizer in an electronic format for event marketing purposes.
  • Based on availability, a FVHH representative to participate in a check/donation presentation, provide a specific program or talk at the event, or provide information and answer questions about Fox Valley Hands of Hope.
  • Upon request and FVHH approval, an event website page which will enable registration, ticket sales and/or donations to be made directly to FVHH.
  • A letter of acknowledgment/thanks to event/activity donors.

Fox Valley Hands of Hope will NOT provide:

  • Administrative or event planning directly related to invitation design and distribution, compilation of guest lists and RSVPs, solicitation of sponsors/donors, recruitment of celebrities, or staff/FVHH volunteers for event assistance.
  • Financial support for event or activity expenses. FVHH cannot incur any costs associated with a third-party event. It is the responsibility of the Organizer to apply, pay for and obtain any applicable licenses, permits and insurance. Fundraising events must comply with any and all relevant local, county, state and federal laws.
  • Disclosure of FVHH mail, email or telephone lists.

Questions? Contact our Director of Development, Noe Janus, at 630-232-2233 x 1221, or email her at