Have you lost a loved one to suicide?

Losing someone to suicide can feel scary, and even surreal. People are often left with many questions and painful feelings. While this experience can be hard to face, you are not alone. FVHH will work with you to help you cope through your loss.

A licensed clinician supervises all programs and will assist you to determine your needs.

For more information on Support Groups and Individual Grief Support, contact us.


Individual grief services include meeting with a clinician for short-term, individual grief counseling, or with an extensively trained FVHH volunteer.

The work with a FVHH volunteer focuses on facilitating a grief companion relationship. They provide a listening and supportive ear while identifying additional resources to help during this difficult time. We recommend meeting with a volunteer if you have made progress in your grief process already but need ongoing support.


Light Finders is a multi-week support group for survivors of suicide loss. Light Finders provides a safe environment where participants can talk openly. It’s a place where others will listen without judging. You can share your experience with others who truly understand your loss.

For more information, contact us.

This is a multi-week support group for youth who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives to suicide.

This group will be a safe place to share, ask questions, and get support from other youth. For more information, contact us.

If you are facing a pre-suicide crisis please contact Suicide Prevention Services.