Is your child suffering from grief?


Fox Valley Hands of Hope provides one-on-one loss-of-life support for youth ages 5-18. Sessions are conducted by a clinician specializing in children’s grief and may address loss issues such as anticipatory grief, death loss, or other losses due to life circumstances.

Individual needs are assessed through collaboration between Fox Valley Hands of Hope clinical staff, parents/guardians, school staff, and the child. Recommendations are made by the clinical team to best support the child in need.

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This 4-week grief and yoga workshop is for girls, ages 10-13. Meet new friends and learn fun, new ways to manage the big feelings that come with the loss of someone you love.

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The Project Hope school collaborated grief support program, now partnered with 46 schools throughout the Fox Valley community, supporting students ages 5 through 18. Fox Valley Hands of Hope works with your school’s staff to identify students’ loss-related needs and how to implement individual and/or group support. Sessions are held within the school day, on a weekly basis. Due to COVID-19, this program is now offered virtually.

Grief-related needs may extend beyond death loss to other areas of grief – such as anticipatory grief, or loss of a family member due to the changing of family circumstances.

Benefits of school-based grief support:
– Accessibility to support within a familiar environment
– Students are made aware of others at their school who have loss-related needs
– The grief process is “normalized” through interactions with other students
– It provides an outlet for emotional needs which then helps the student throughout their academic day
– Collaboration between Fox Valley Hands of Hope’s bereavement team and school staff encourages a positive link between emotional and academic performance

Interested in establishing a Project Hope program within your school? Parents and guardians are invited to contact Pam Bills, and Licensed Professional Counselor at FVHH, to learn more about this successful program; contact Pam Bills at