Our Mission

We provide compassionate guidance and support for the grieving.

Fox Valley Hands of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing expert support for children, families, and adults who are experiencing grief, loss, or life-threatening illness.

Why We Focus on Grief

Originally founded in 1981 to help individuals in hospice care, today we dedicate our attention to the needs of the grieving and those facing life-threatening illness. The pain of grief can disrupt all aspects of life, including our sleep, appetite, how we think, function and interact with others. Research shows that avoiding support for grief can have a significant impact on our physical health and relationships. By choosing support, you are choosing wellness, choosing to thrive as best you can, given the circumstances.

Our professional staff and 300+ volunteers serve over 2000 clients by providing programs, counseling and unique support groups.  We offer emotional support, respectful caring and non-judgmental listening while providing a healing presence to clients and their families. Our free medical equipment loan program is also available throughout the Fox Valley community.

FVHH’s programs are designed to support children, families, and adults, regardless of age, income level, race, or religious beliefs.  Our programs are community-funded, allowing us to deliver the best guidance at no cost – we believe that every person should be given hope without any restriction.


Our Vision

Fox Valley Hands of Hope strives to be the leading provider and resource center for exemplary services for those experiencing grief.


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