2023 Annual Appeal

Have you lost someone you loved?


Michelle’s dad died last year. As well as coping with her own grief, Michelle could see that her daughter Lou was struggling-clinging to her parents, refusing to go to sleep, lashing out in anger. Michelle searched for help but resources in her area were limited.


Then she found Fox Valley Hands of Hope (FVHH). FVHH provides compassionate support for children, families, and adults who are grieving the death of a loved one. Our services include one-on-one counseling, support groups, school programs, and more -all offered without charge to the participants.


Michelle and her family signed up for FVHH’s Family Forest Day, an outdoor program for families dedicated to honoring loved ones and finding solace in nature.


Lou loved the arts activities. And when she heard other kids expressing their feelings, she opened up as well. Michelle says, “The counselors helped Lou make connections between her anger and her sadness.”

Michelle and her husband were grateful for the time to talk with adults who had also experienced a death loss.

You’re looking at them, thinking, they look like they’re okay; maybe I’ll be okay. I can find a way through this. Being allowed to feel my feelings and not be judged made all the difference.


Death is the one universal experience-but people who are grieving often feel very alone. The clinical team at Fox Valley Hands of Hope and our trained, dedicated volunteers walk with clients on their grief journey.

Lou creating a photo frame honoring her grandfather.