FVHH Celebrates 40 Years in the Community

Today we are celebrating 40 years of of service in the community! Fox Valley Hands of Hope has come a long way since its early beginnings in the basement of […]

Today we are celebrating 40 years of of service in the community!

Fox Valley Hands of Hope has come a long way since its early beginnings in the basement of a church back in 1981. First known as Fox Valley Hospice, then Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice, and now Fox Valley Hands of Hope, the agency has experienced significant growth in its illustrious tenure. What has remained constant in all of these years of service is our dedication to compassion, comfort, and hope.

We dedicate our attention to the needs of the grieving and those facing life-threatening illness. Our licensed clinical staff and dedicated volunteers serve grief clients by providing group programs, family and individual counseling, as well as supportive companionship for nursing home and hospice patients. We work collaboratively with several local hospice and nursing homes by providing supportive volunteers to their patients. We have school partnerships throughout the area so that we can provide our grief services to youth in school. Additionally, we partner with other human service agencies to deliver our grief support to their clients. Our free medical equipment loan program is also available to those who need temporary use of equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, and commodes.  All of our services and programs offer emotional support, respectful caring, and non-judgmental listening while providing a healing presence to clients and their families.

Many of our grief programs are running virtually right now. Prospective clients can always check out our website at www.fvhh.net or email griefsupport@fvhh.net for updated information. FVHH’s programs are designed to support children, families, and adults, regardless of age, income level, race, or religious beliefs.  Our programs are community-funded, allowing us to deliver the best guidance at no cost – we believe that every person should be given hope without any restriction!

To celebrate with us on today please join our free, live Zoom panelist discussion! Panelists include, Pamela Bills L.P.C., an FVHH clinician, Edward Hunter, FVHH Board member, and Marcia Dingman, FVHH volunteer.  The session will be facilitated by Jacquelyn Jennings MSW, an FVHH clinician.  The panel will begin with a discussion on grief and the ways that the panelists have helped clients heal and find a way to grow from their loss(es).  Participants will then have the opportunity to ask the panelists their own questions about grief, FVHH programing, and other relevant topics. There will be two opportunities to join the conversation; one at 12 p.m./noon and the other at 7 p.m. Zoom access for both sessions are hyperlinked below!

12 p.m. Session

7 p.m. Session

Thank you to all those who have supported our mission throughout the years. We are fortunate to have a foundation of comfort, community, and kindness that has carried our mission for all of these years and will continue to carry us for many years to come!

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